New percussionist / programmer around

Hello there.
I’m a percussionist / drummer and I recently installed Sonic PI. I just love it and put down some code just to start.
I created some audio bases to improvise with tuned percussions (HandPan / HangDrum / Balafon / LogDrum) and I’m really having a good time programming (love ruby).
Always been interested in mixing traditional instruments and electronics and I find Sonic PI a really interesting playground.
Actually using also my Android phone as midi pad to send midi events and it is great to detect and use those events to alter the structure of my background grooves in the loops.

Glad to share code and ideas and I’m available to share also some cool samples of my tuned percussion if anyone is interested.

All the best, mates!


Welcome to the madness that is the SP forum.

Settle in, post, and enjoy the fun. :slight_smile:


hi dave,how are you?
i am wondering if you get some success, creating the hangpan instrument in sonic pi :slight_smile: are you using the internal synth to produce that type of sound?

thanks a lot !
(i am a hang player also :wink:


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Hello @uriel. Nice to meet you.
In my case, I have an hybrid set of tuned and traditional percussion I use in live performances so I took some time to sample all of my custom voices.

This picture shows my stage setup and as you can see I have my mac on my left because I live code the base I use to improvise with the kit
In Sonic PI I use those sounds in form of sample when I need it.
You can find an example on how I used my handpan in Sonic PI here:


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nice ! we have nearly the same setup (percusionists are like this :wink:
mainly i was looking to “modele” the sound of the hangpan, from synth… i have multi tone samples from various Hangs but i try to use only generators as i can modify more params…
Anyway, that s so cool to meet another hang player , have an excellent day mate, see you around