New Patreon Discord Server

Hey everyone,

just letting you know that I’ve created a new Discord server for Patreon supporters. If Discord is new to you, it’s just simply a place for live text and audio chat and also somewhere I can live stream tutorials and demonstrations.

If you’re already a supporter on Patreon (thanks so much!) then you should already have access, you just need to create a Discord account and link it to your Patreon account in the settings page.

I’m really looking forward to chatting with you and engaging in real time with you over there.

It’s important to point out that I don’t intend for the Discord server to replace these forums in any way. I think it’s very important to have a public place for asking questions and discussing things that can be linked back to and referenced in the future. The Discord server is mainly meant for more ephemeral (and social) conversation.

Come and join!

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I think I messed up ( " Email is already registered " )

@hitsware is there a “forgotten password” option which you can put your address into?

Got to here … How to find Sonic-Pi channel ?

@hitsware did you integrate Discord with Patreon on the Patreon settings page? If so, the Patreon Discord bot should send you an invite.

Got It ! … Ain’t technology great ?

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Hi everyone !

Hope this discord server for happy few won’t deserve this open forum place. I hate discord system : the mouse scroll Kingdom.
Search for old subject is a mess and for me discord is the symptom of our society : add noise to noise.

Old Nick

Hi @nlb, as I mentioned, there’s no plan for the Discord server to replace these forums. Instead it’s just an additional place to hang out for live chat with like-minded people :slight_smile:

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Oups sorry I haven’t read all your initial post… symptom of these times :blush:.
So long life to these both channels !


When I switch from 1 PC to another (often)
I get this …2021-02-10-074054_677x85_scrot
I’ve had this problem on some forums in the past ,
but nowdays not.

I think this might be an issue with your Discord account rather than an issue with the Sonic Pi Patreon Discord server?

I think it is probably the way Discord is set up.
( only recognize 1 IP as ’ account ’ at a time ) ?
Can you go from PC to PC and sign in ?
I should say ’ remain signed in ’