Dave from New York -- about to teach using Sonic Pi

Hi all, and many thanks to those of you who frequent this forum and help people like me!

I am about to teach a college course called “Projamming” (tee hee) using Sonic Pi for the first half of the course, and Clojure/Overtone for the second half. I’m in the CS department at Hamilton College in central New York.

Very thankful for this resource, as I’m sure that some of you are destined to help me make my course so much better than it otherwise would be. I’ll post my first question now! :slight_smile:

Welp, maybe I’m not about to make my first post. I signed up for an account here using my .edu address, but then paid for a Patreon sponsorship using a .gmail address. Changing my preferences did not fix the problem. So I can’t post to the [P] threads.

I’ll just make a new account here, but thought I’d let whomever know that this appears to be an issue.

Creating an account here using the same email that I used to become a Patreon sponsor did not work. I still can’t post in [P] threads.

Does anyone know if it takes some time to be approved to post in [P] threads?

Hi David, you should be good to go now. Thank-you so much for becoming a Patreon supporter :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, Sam, for the quick fix!