Hi I'm Adam. Introduction and also a question

  • Does the title sound interesting if you read it out loud? Is it a good summary?

No it’s awful but I can’t think of a better opener…

  • Who would be interested in this? Why does it matter? What kind of responses do you want?

Dr. Aaron maybe? I think my question is kinda valid if you’ve never participated in a Patreon thing. Something less then really mean.

Hi I am Adam! I can’t adequately describe how excited I am about discovering Sonic-Pi. It’s just amazing and fascinating to me. I’ve been playing around with various DAWs for awhile and they’ve all been pretty fun for a bit then you eventually realize their limitations, What Sonic-Pi is providing is just amazing for anyone with a creative itch and a willingness to learn. This isn’t baffling material that is counter intuitive. It’s not hard to learn considering how incredibly well the tutorial was written.

I was wondering if I choose to support at the $1 per month patreon level now could I change that to the $10 level in the futurel?

I apologize if this seems like a really dumb question but I couldn’t find anything about it in the FAQ or using the search function.

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Hi Adam,

welcome to Sonic Pi and this forum!

You can change your Patreon contribution at any time (from the following month onwards) to whatever amount you want. 1000 $ per month e. g. would make you certainly the biggest donator :wink:

If you have a Patreon account click on your account settings (upper right corner), choose “Your Memberships” and then choose “Edit” the Sam Aaron Patreonship entry (it’ll be the only one unless you are supporting others as well on Patreon); you can then edit the amount by near by “edit” link.


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