Calling Patreon Supporters of Sam Aaron

Dear fellow Patreon Supporters of Sam Aaron, (and potential new supporters who are always welcome).
As you will know, Sam has devoted much of his time over the last few months to preparing and releasing Sonic Pi 3.2 (and soon Sonic Pi 3.2.1). These are a welcome improvement to the Sonic Pi, and will give much enjoyment and enable further creativity among Sonic Pi users.
Sam did this, having carefully planned some paid income via giving talks and lectures planned for the next three months. Because of the Covid-19 virus, all of this work has evaporated, and as a self-employed live_coder and programmer, there is not much of a safety net provided for him to be able to continue supporting both himself and his family.
If you are able, can I ask you to consider being able to increase your monthly Patreon support for Sam, even if only for a few months. Many will be in a similar position to Sam, with their own financial worries to take into account, but if you are going to be isolated at home, you may have the opportunity to use Sonic Pi more, to entertain both yourselves and others on-line or via this site.
If you can please join me in making Sam’s position a bit more secure, so that he can continue to develop Sonic Pi to even greater heights.


Hi @samaaron, hi @robin.newman,

these are exceptionary circumstances for all of us. So I just upgraded my financial contribution. I would like to remind all, that this will best unfold the desired effect of securing Sam’s (and all others including your, @robin.newman’s) work if all who can afford will contribute a bit more.

I don’t know if I can keep up this level in the future but for now it’s the best I can do.

All the best to you all, keep spatial (not social) distance and stay healthy!


Well said. I recently increased my Patreon support because of this. If everyone who can manage it increases their support a little bit, it won’t cost any of us much but will soon add up to make a real difference for Sam.

It’s been great to see Sonic Pi progressing again recently, and I really hope that can continue through these difficult times and long into the future.


Just increased my contrib, too.


Well Robin , I had a problem with trying at the beginning of this month with patreon not taking my visa gift card that did not need an mailling address and so patreon kept not taking may trys I tried the $25 then $10 and then try with pay pal and the same problem. I do not know if it because me being USA or what . Maybe you of any one have an idea to try. I love Sam work and have been self teaching my self but would love to help if I could, I am an Artist nerd so this Sonic Pi is a great tool for me . Hope all is well with every one out there. Nate

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Hi Nate,

You can help by sharing Sonic Pi’s message of joy in creative coding with as many people as you can.

Thanks so much for playing with it and being part of our community :two_hearts:


Hi, my name is Dimitris and I am from Athens, Greece. I have been following sonic-pi for a long time. I’ve just read your pledge and immediately updated my Patreon subscription. My financial situation is also not so good. But I really appreciate all the work that has been put into this and the generosity of the creator and contributors to Sonic-Pi. I have greatly benefitted from this software on a personal level.
Also, I use Sonic-Pi in the classroom and kids love it! But this is for another post.
Thank you and take care!


I love sonic pi, and I want to support Sam to continue his great work! I updated my Patreon subscription and will try to motivate others to sign one.

I planned to do a talk on sonic pi at a free software conference nearby, but everything is canceled now, no surprise. Anyway, I hope we will all together find enough supporting people to enable Sam to continue to work on Sonic Pi forever :-))!

Take Care!


@robin.newman: has upgraded my monthly subscription level for supporting Sonic Pi, wish everybody here is safe and healthy in this ever worst period!

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I’ve just downgraded my Patreon subscription level to $1…


…but in exchange I’ve sponsored Sam on github, where contributions are matched (at least for the first year), so for the same price I’m effectively sending twice as much now!

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I’m in the same boat, I had workshops (in Scotland) planned, but they all got cancelled & vey quickly earned £0 in March 2020. I’ve been checking the HMRC advice for sole traders. When I get regular income, I’m deffo going to send £ your way Sam, as I absolutly love sonic pi & have come on leaps & bounds during Covid19 lockdown!

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