Sonic Pi v4 BETA 7 Now Available

Hey everyone,

v4 BETA 7 just landed over on Patreon: Sonic Pi v4 BETA 7 - New Link Metronome Controls | Sam Aaron on Patreon

For those already supporting on Patreon, please do download and play around with it. Grab two laptops and start jamming together using the new Link metronome. Let me know what you think!

If you don’t yet support ongoing development and support work please do consider doing so. Sonic Pi is free purely because people have supported and continue to support my work. Without Patreon there definitely would be no upcoming v4 release! Sam Aaron is creating the code-based music creation and performance tool Sonic Pi | Patreon

This release has new Link Metronome controls which let you toggle between local and network mode, a tap tempo button to tap out your own beat tempo and a BPM scrubber to type or mouse drag a new tempo.

You can use the new Link metronome in all your existing code by simply starting each buffer with link or if you’re already using use_bpm to ensure that you switch to use_bpm :link. For example, the rerezzed example using the link metronome would be:

link   # <==== the only change!!

# Rerezzed
# Coded by Sam Aaron

use_debug false
notes = (scale :e1, :minor_pentatonic, num_octaves: 2).shuffle

live_loop :rerezzed do
  t = 0.04
  sleep -t
  with_fx :bitcrusher do
    s = synth :dsaw, note: :e3, sustain: 8, note_slide: t, release: 0
    64.times do
      sleep 0.125
      control s, note: notes.tick
  sleep t

live_loop :industry do
  sample :loop_industrial, beat_stretch: 1
  sleep 1

live_loop :drive do
  sample :bd_haus, amp: 3
  sleep 0.5