Sonic Pi v4-BETA1 is now available for macOS and Windows

Sonic Pi v4-BETA1 is now available to download on Patreon.

This new BETA has many internal improvements as well as support for a shared network metronome.

This means you can easily sync the BPM of Sonic Pi with any other version of Sonic Pi running on any computer connected to the local network (either via a wired or wifi connection).

What’s more is that this metronome is an open standard called Ableton Link and is supported by many apps and hardware devices.

This means that it will be super easy to jam with your friends. Just simply connect two or more laptops to the same wifi network, fire up Sonic Pi and change your bpm to Link mode with:

use_bpm :link

For more information including download links take a look at this Patreon post:

Whilst the BETAs are only available to Patreon supporters to say thanks (this BETA wouldn’t exist without their continued support of this project) in a few months after the BETA period is over the final release will be freely available to all as usual.

Hugs x