New clip "Jazz Quartet and live coder project" Namid & Sondervan

Hi All

A new video of my “Jazz Quartet and a live coder project” named Namid & Sondervan is out : Namid & Sondervan - krotrok - YouTube Full album will be online very soon . . .




That’s superb. Love it.

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And here finally is our debut album : Namid & Sondervan | Namid & Sondervan | Rotkat Records
Cheers !


Great tracks. Can you say more about how Sonic Pi was integrated? For example, are any software synths used?

Hi Blipson, thanks !

I only used Sonic Pi as is. Internal synths like the ModFM and samples. Oneshots and loops. We have two saxophone players, one acoustic and one who uses efx on his sax, and also plays EWI. And the double bass player also uses FX.
So when I play live with this band, I only take my laptop and a soundcard, that’s it. Very convenient.
For example : Namid & Sondervan - Yupa (live@N9) - YouTube


Your tracks put me in mind of M-Base that uses Sonic Pi as one of its instruments.

It was trippy. I really enjoyed the visuals.

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sounds dope!

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@blipson Do you mean Steve Coleman’s M-Base ? If that’s the case, thanks! That’s a huge compliment. I love Five Elements