Need explanation for this Scsynth.log message


i get this log message failure on spi 3.2.2 on ubuntu 18.04.04

what does this mean ?

Hi, these aren’t errors, just logging information. It’s from the audio synthesis engine SuperCollider.

The first section is Supercollider telling you information about what it’s connected to for sound output. In this case it’s jack.

The couple of lines that start with late are warnings to say that SuperCollider received a message slightly later than expected (46 and 17ms late in these cases). This can be due to a variety of situations - including system load.

The line FAILURE IN SERVER /n free Node 239 not found is just SuperCollider saying that the Ruby language runtime attempted to free a SuperCollider node that was already free. It’s completely expected and is part of the design. It’s just making completely sure!