Leveraging Ableton Link?

Now that SuperCollider supports Ableton Link, is there a way to use it in our SPi code?
Interested to hear what @robin.newman would do with this power…

Looks interesting. I will certainly take a look at this in time (it will involve building SC 3.11-beta from scratch, and will take some time).
However, at present I think there is a greater demand to be able to build and install SP3.2 on a Pi and I am concentrating on producing stuff to make that easier for others to do.

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As far as I’m aware, the Link support is for Supercollider language only and not the server. If this is indeed the case then it’s unfortunately of no direct use to Sonic Pi.

Integrating Link is on the todo list though for a future version.

Oh! Did not realize this. Thought it was in the server itself. Oops!
Thanks for chiming in!
Agreed with @robin.newman that it needs not be a priority. We need 3.2 on our devices, in these isolated times.
(Keep up the good work, etc.)