May I introduce myself?

I’m a dinosaur, playing since 1955. Baldwin electric harpsichord, Rhodes piano, many generations of Korg from Maxi to Kronos, currently into Zynthian. Discovered Sonic Pi when I got a Raspberry. I like the ease of programming, especially the ambient.

My real job was photolithographer, from carbon arcs to lasers, from wall timers to Photoshop. Here is an example of code from many years ago.


Hi Mickey and welcome to in-thread. I too am one of the older subscribers to this site. I also still have a trusty korg X5DR module which I use from time to time with Sonic Pi

Interested in seeing your software on harmonics. I don’t know how much you have browsed this site but you may be interested in this thread

Hope you enjoy using the site.

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Awesome! The patterns are beautiful.

Thanx for the nice welcome. That’s one of the few programs I wrote back then that’s anywhere near user friendly. It was QBASIC in DOS 6.0, lol. I recently got an IDE, FreeBASIC, that will compile old code. Usually I wrote code just to prove to myself that I understood the math. Lots of color space conversions and fractal screensavers. I’ll upload the source later, because Google doesn’t allow executables, even if you try to disguise it as plain text.