How to pass arguments to scsynth.exe?

I apologize as I’m sure this question has to have come up before, but I wasn’t able to find it via search.

After much troubleshooting of the common:

 SC_PortAudioDriver: PortAudio failed at Pa_OpenStream with  error: 'Unanticipated host error'
 could not initialize audio

I determined that I can get the scsynth.exe to run successfully only after installing the ASIO4ALL drivers and instructing the command to use them with the “-H” flag. How do I force the flag (and of course the “ASIO4ALL” argument") ?

Windows 10 ver. 1903 (64bit), Sonic-Pi 3.2.2


Edit: Realized I typed “scsever.exe” instead of “scsynth.exe”

Hi @unstructuredPlay,
Do you have interest/capability to build a development version of Sonic Pi from source? (The instructions at are quite straight forward IMO, even if they do require downloading a few extra bits of software).
If so, then in the latest development code, there is a json file you can edit to pass configuration details to SuperCollider when it starts up.
(There is an alternative if you need/want to stick to a released Sonic Pi version, which requires editing some of Sonic Pi’s server code directly instead. I forget the exact location at the moment, but can track it down soon unless someone beats me to it :slight_smile: )