How to control screen features?

I am using Wiin 10. The buffer display line somehow got stuck at the bottom of my screen. I have tried adjusting the “Auto-align” and “Full screen” button in prefs but still cannot move that buffer back to original position. I have exited and rebooted Sonic-Pi. It must have something to do with changing the size of the edit window but I cannot find a control for that. I discovered “Auto-Align” does what the help blurb says, it aligns the code automatically in the editor when it is run.
And how is docking controlled? I have undocked my help window and now cannot get it “undocked”.

hi @dustov ( the tennis player ?)

Stop joking… sometimes a screenshot is better than a description
On windows you can use this to take screenshot and put lovely arrows :wink:

to undock help

Otherwise maybe you talk about the f10 function key to full screen or not full screen (that is the question)

to increase or descrease the text size

to resize the editor zone, you should be able to have a little symbol at these following places image
click, hold and move

Hey nlb… I did not know I made a joke? I can be sarcastic at times but in this case I was trying to simply explain my problem and what I had tried to fix it.
Anyway, thanks for the idea to fix it. I will review it.

Dustov … is there a tennis player named “Dutov”? No, this is my way of referencing one of my favorite authors in Russian literature, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky.

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He was telling himself to stop joking :wink: (suggesting you might have been perhaps!)


hi Dustov (are you the great writer ?)

what is really funny (or not) that i thought about the great author when i see your pseudo :slight_smile: and then i just made a google research and found the tennis player.
So no pb at all :slight_smile:

I envy his and other great writers ability to express what they see of the world, but, I don’t think I would want to endure what D did in his life, especially the epilepsy. But then, there are times when I seem to be having profound insights and suffering paradoxical existential anguish and think it might be worth the degree of suffering D experienced to be able to express it. But I hope my country (The US) never descends politically to the point where you could be executed (D’s experience of the mock execution) simply for holding anti-government views.

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