Font Size in help browswer

I built sonic pi from src, on linux. I’m on HDPI screen, and the font in the help browser is tiny. I select the help browser panel, and hit the button to embiggen the font, and it changes the font in the live-coding panel. I Try the keyboard shortcuts, same thing. I try right clicking in the help browser, or scroll wheel moving. Nope.

Is there a way to change the font size in the help browser? If not, is there a way to get that nice ordered menu view of content in a regular browser? I can see all the html in the help directory, but the files are named obliquely, and there is no index or menu?

Many thanks in adavnce

Hi @russelldb,

I know, what you are talking about. I am also on Linux.

I noticed that moving the mouse over the window where you want to increase the text and then use scrolling is not enough. But I can definitely do the following though (still have to check whether this also works with the help window):

Click into the cue or log window and scroll to change the text size.

Using the text in-/decrease buttons for the editor window also only works occasionally (I guess somehow the editor window does not get the focus because sometimes using these buttons will in/decrease the log or cue text). There also the previously mentioned works (1st click and 2nd scroll).

As to the help documents: I have a self-compiled 3.1 version. I have bookmarked the following path to e. g. the lang reference: /[Home]/bin/sp31/sp/app/gui/qt/book/Sonic Pi - Lang.html

I hope that helps. The tutorial you can find online here. I don’t know if also the help files are available somewhere online. But someone reading this might…

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