Hello from Tokyo!

Hi guys,
I’m Ruben, an Italian developer/designer but from more than a decade living in Japan.
In my spare time, I create interactive and immersive art experiences, but since I discovered this awesome world of live coding and SonicPi a few weeks ago, I can’t stop trying new stuff and writing music :smiley:

I have a few live sessions on my Youtube channel if you want to check them out… still learning though


Welcome RubenFro.

I lived in Japan for four years, but a long time ago.

If things go to plan, I should be back in Japan for a short time in February.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Can I ask if you are part of the Algorave scene in Tokyo?

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No. To be honest, I only found out about live coding and SonicPi a few weeks ago. :slight_smile:

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I tried contacting these people last time I was in Tokyo, but didn’t receive an answer: https://algorave.tokyo

Did you write in english or japanese? I think it’s probably still a small circle, not really sure.

I was surprised the other day, there was a guy talking about live coding music on a japanese radio (Renick Bell, he’s based in Tokyo but don’t know much https://www.j-wave.co.jp/original/innovationworld/globalopeninnovation/190809.html )

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If I recall correctly, I wrote in both.

I’ll have a look at the link you post, thanks.

Ciao @RubenFro! Nice to meet you, I’m italian too but I still live in Italy. Live in Japan must be something really special, hope someday in the future to visit that (and others) country.

Hi Mattia, nice to meet you :wink:
It’s definitely a nice and interesting place… I have to say though, after so many years living here I’m just so used to it it doesn’t feel anymore special.
Instead, it’s Italy I find so beautiful and special every time I have the chance to visit (situazioni politiche permettendo, vorrei prima o poi tornare a vivere in Italia :wink: )

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