Meet the Algorave Istanbul

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I am Berke from Algorave Istanbul community. Algorave Istanbul consists of musicians, visual artists, researchers, academicians, students, technology enthusiasts - we welcome everyone who is interested in creative coding.
As live coders living in Istanbul, we have established an Algorave Istanbul Community last summer and wanted to meet and share our works with you.

All of us use different programs to create music, such as Sonic Pi, Tidal Cycles, Supercollider etc. (also creating visuals). We release music every 2-3 months on bandcamp.

This is our ambient/minimal techno track, made with Sonic Pi

If you are interested, check our youtube page:

Our instagram:

Also feel free to join our Discord channel:

We hope to hear from you,
cheers :slight_smile:


Hello again everyone,

As Algorave Istanbul community, we continue our concerts in Istanbul. We took part in another event at a venue in Taksim last Saturday. I did livecoding with Sonic Pi. Here is the record which is rehersal of the full setup I played on this concert. I hope you all enjoy it :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Greets from Aruba! IÔÇÖm interested in the scene so thanks for sharing!

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Hello again Sonic Pi Fam, :innocent:

I published all the codes and sound files of this music on my Github account. You can review and use the codes here. Be safe :slight_smile:

Here I would like to thank @dj_dave for the videos her shared. It was very educational for me at the points where I did not understand how the codes work. Your codes are a life saver while I prepare for my concerts. So thank you so much, you are my hero :star_struck:


Hello SP family :innocent:

Here some techno setup from my concert at March 27, hope you all like it. Stay happy :slight_smile:


Here our Algorave Istanbul concert from 27 March 2022. My rave with SP :star_struck: