Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I would like to invite you all to an online event called BYTE where we shall be showcasing Sonic Pi performances by artists in our community. It shall be hosted on a digital club venue called COMMON.

The event will start at 5 PM CET with a Sonic Pi workshop session and performance by @EarthToAbigail, then followed by performances in this order -> @BabyElephante @radv @samaaron @janebeta7 @ethancrawford @Maracuya @bitkids and myself @Monrhea

It is free to join but your e-mail is required (kindly RSVP if possible :slight_smile: )
There shall be other rooms(events) inside the COMMON event space so once inside, scroll down to find the BYTE room …

Please do share the word and let’s meet up in the chat as we support the various artists :partying_face:

To join the event, use this link …

(Please Note: Chrome Browser is advised for the best experience)

About BYTE …
> BYTE is a platform created to share the world of music coding through Sonic Pi. It is dedicated to the Sonic-Pi community where we organize algoraves, workshops, and curate playlists of Sonic Pi releases.
> This event will be the first of its series


Looking forward to hanging out, watching the amazing performances and chatting with folks (at least for the last half of the event, since it starts at a crazy hour in my timezone :sweat_smile:)

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In between the performances … there will be short intermission videos which feature music by @Bohrbug @binarysweets @modulo @soxsa @wolftrap @Doffu


Haha … It’s okay :slight_smile: that sounds great and glad to have you play for us :slight_smile:


This is going to be so much fun! Thank you Monrhea for bringing us all together :slight_smile: Really looking forward to hanging out virtually with everyone :slight_smile:

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Very cool initiative. The Corona crisis is really bad but on top of the negativity a lot of positive things are happening right now!. Good luck tonight and I hope that I have some time to tune-in. Is it also recorded?

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Great idea!! Looking forward to listen to some nice algorithmic grooves!

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how do i get acces and when does it start in europe time? thanks <3

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@Retonator - @Monrhea might know something I don’t, but my guess is the event will not be recorded.

Aaalthough, I have just now seen what I think could be evidence of past Commons being archived, so it may actually be so :slight_smile: (it’s a little unclear whether that was just a special case though - so still not sure :man_shrugging:)

@holz - in case Monrhea doesn’t pop in here before the event - Using Chrome browser, you join by going to the link in the top post and then RSVP with your email address. Then, there are several spaces/rooms, so you’d scroll through them till you find the one set aside for Byte.
Let us know if you have a go and need any further clarification :+1:

As for what time it starts - Europe is a big place! You can type something into [insert famous search engine here] like what is 5pm CET in ____ where ____ is your local timezone to check :slight_smile:

looking forward to it!!

Hi … :slight_smile:

sorry all for the late reply and thank you @ethancrawford for helping out with the questions …
the event is ongoing :slight_smile: and all are welcomed :slight_smile:

Link -

Updates for the sets :slight_smile:

@radv is on now … and next up … @samaaron :slight_smile:

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sorry but this website is so modern that i can’t manage to get the link to see Sam…

@nlb are you using chrome ?

yep using chrome. i am registered and connected then where to go ?

Edit : ok i am en avance :slight_smile: So the button live is not yet available

use this direct link instead …

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it’s ok i see radv :slight_smile:
we have to scroll to see rooms :slight_smile: