Introduction - Tom Hayes

Hi guys!

Really happy to find a Sonic Pi community after discovering the subReddit and being disappointed with how quiet it is there!

My name’s Tom, I’m based in Birmingham in the UK and I’ve been tinkering with electronic music for a good few years now…

I’m a web developer by trade, so when I discovered the whole live coding thing, it seemed like the perfect fusion of business and pleasure for me! After looking at the different environments available I settled on Sonic Pi as not only does it seem one of the easiest to get some sort of return from, I also love the educational aspect and the open source nature of the platform too.

I also run an event here in Birmingham that offers up and coming electronic music producers a platform to showcase their own music and network with each other - I really look forward to sharing Sonic Pi with some of the other guys who attend - just as soon as I’ve got to grips with it myself a bit more.

I also just wanted to shout out @samaaron - I’ve watched a few (ok probably all) of your videos on YouTube and your passion, talent and generosity are extremely inspiring and I’m going to subscribe to your Patreon as soon as I’ve finished this message!

Over and out :slight_smile:


Oh? Pray tell! Birmingham is a bit far for me, but it could be inspiring to hear about your event. Not in the position to organize anything at the moment, but there are people here in Ottawa who could contribute to such a platform.

Hi! I’m in Birmingham UK rather than Alabama - you can find out a bit more about what we do here:

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Thanks! Very interesting. So you’ve released an album as a label? Neat! Will take a listen soon.
And nice structure for the posts. Overall, it does remind me of some of the things done here, also promoting local artists. It might be difficult to do collaborations but it’s always fun to hear from diverse scenes.

(Didn’t think of Alabama, actually. Just meant that it might be difficult for me to participate in the showcase directly but it could be useful to connect across the pond.)