BYTE EVENT - Common Festival, March 2021 - OPEN CALL

Hello everyone!

Some of you may remember late last year that a fantastic Sonic Pi focused live-coding collective, BYTE, was initiated by @monrhea with the goal to spread the world of music live-coding to lots more people.

Well, the folks behind the BYTE live-coding collective are planning on organising another series of online Sonic Pi workshops and performances soon!

They will be held as part of a wider week-long series of events known as Common Festival, from March 12th - 21st, hosted by the lovely people at

We would love you to be involved!

@EarthToAbigail will be giving another fantastic introductory workshop to Sonic Pi. We’d especially love to hear from you if you are also interested in giving a workshop to complement this - something that goes beyond the basics. Maybe a tutorial on how to make a song in your favourite genre? a deep dive into sound design techniques with Sonic Pi? how to do a multi-channel sound performance? something else? We’re looking for workshops that are anywhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours long.

If you’re interested in performing a live-coding set with Sonic Pi instead (or as well!), we’re still just as keen to hear from you!

The workshops and performances can be live or pre-recorded. (We’re keen for live if you can - this way you have the chance of interacting with viewers - but either is fine).

Let us know!


Sounds great! I’d like to a subsequent 45-60 minute session live, via zoom.
Please email me @

ty! ^ _ ^


@tig3rbabu check this… highly relevant to your recent output of explainer videos on IG, methinks!

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amazing : ) thank you : ) reaching out with more info :slight_smile:

Hello Eathan !

I’m interested in the event !
If I can participate, I want to play songs using only built-in synths and samples, to share all source codes. Beginners can copy and start. :grinning:


Excellent idea! Sounds like another one down for a performance @monrhea :slightly_smiling_face:

Amazing : ) great to have you :smiley:

Yes! I will prepare for the live . :smile:

Here is the poster…
How is your set going??


oh dang, just seeing this now.
looks great, M! tysm <3

Looking forward to this in just a few hours! :smile: :smile:

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Come along and watch us perform our Sonic Pi sets! First one starts in just under half an hour at 12pm UTC :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Seems I spoke too early?? For some as yet unexplained reason it says the event has been pushed back to starting at 5pm Friday 19th UTC. Sorry folks!

so à 18h en France métropolitaine :slight_smile:

Unless they change it again, yes!

… which they did. I am now first up, and it starts in 15 minutes or so, at 2pm UTC :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

is it a replay or you are really live coding right now.

I was really really coding :slight_smile:

yep of course you were coding and it was pretty cool as usual :slight_smile: was not sure it was “a real live”

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