Hello World from Italy


I’m not really into introduction myself in new places, but this community seems so kind that I can’t actually don’t do it!
I’m Simone Spampinato, actually I’m studying electroacustic music at the conservatory of Frosinone, a city close to Rome. I have always been interested in the world of live coding, but actually never going through that because I really didn’t have the time.
I found this beautiful program after a really hard search, and I think it will be my new friend for a while.

I’m actually interested in making glitch music, and I think I will interface this little guy with MAx and Ableton.
Hope that you will not be bothered with noob question…

Thank you so much for everything!!


Hi Simone and welcome. I had a brief play with SP max and Ableton.
See this post Sonic PI 3 controls Ableton Live 9


Thank you so much @robin.newman! I will go to check it as soon as possibile. Thank you!


Hi, welcome! I also explained how to deal with Ableton in a topic from last month.


Greetings @KOSF and welcome to our community. I do hope you stick around for a while :slight_smile: