Hello/Edinburgh/Live Codding

Hello, I’m Gordon, back living in Edinburgh. Been playing with Sonic Pi a bit, but really put my back into it by agitating to get a gig live coding at a summer music/arts festival in Berlin at the Kaotic City Of Atlantis

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That’s awesome ! I wish we get to see more live coding events in my area too, at some point.

Where do you live? (and when are you performing there? lolol)

Montpellier, South of France. Never heard of a live coding event in the area so far.

I would need to work a lot on my loops and stuff to perform live anyway, right now I’m just using sonic-pi to generate a wav and then play looper / instruments on top of it. Results can be qualified as… experimental at best :sweat_smile:

Junglebotz 120 20220322 by M.U.L.E (soundcloud.com)
Ambient 100 20220322 by M.U.L.E (soundcloud.com)