First try @ 64 bit ( RPi bullseye ) .... 32 bit has worked

I do not know how to find the ‘detailed report’

Is this a failure in trying to install the deb file or a failure when you try and run the installed sonic pi?
If the former, how were you trying to install it?

Double click …
Same result right click … menu select ’ install ’

Try using a terminal in the same folder where the file is then using

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ./sonic-pi_4.4.0_1_bullseye.arm64.deb

Note also you must use the Bullseye legacy 64 bit version of Raspberry Pi OS released 2023-05-23
This version will NOT work on the latest 64 bit version on Bookworm released 2023-10-10
That is the version on which I am currently trying to produce a version of SP 4.5

Works fine … I had downloaded the OS from a website.
When I reinstalled from imager, it worked … DUH …

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