Can't run (32bit) on Raspian - GLIBC problems

I can install sonic-pi_4.0.3_1_bullseye.armhf.deb but when I try and run it dumps out with an error message version GLIBCCXX 3.4.26 not found

I am running buster on one of the its-a-keyboard Raspberry Pis

Hi Gordon,

I’m pretty sure you’ll need the most recent Raspberry Pi OS to run the v4 deb. @robin.newman should be able to confirm as he kindly built and contributed the debs.

Ah, that makes sense, I thought Buster was the most uptodate but it turns out its Bullseye - which would explain the .deb name :wink:

My bad, on it, thanks

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Yes Gordon you will need Bullseye for this to work. 4.0.3 requires more up to date packages than are available on Buster. You could get hold of a spare SD card and try it out there to see if you want to move to the later distro. I find it much better. You might also consider the possibility of changing the 64bit version (assuming you a recent Pi).I run both distros on my recent 4 Pi computers.

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Thanks Robin, Sam, got it running on 32-bit, didn’t realise the old in-a-keyboard Pi was a 64 bit behemoth, might reinstall for kicks :wink:

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