How to update sonic pi on bullseye?

Hello all another basic question,
I’ve just installed Bullseye on my raspi, it came loaded with
sonic pi 3.2, is there a command on the console I can use to
update that to the latest?

Debian only provides version 3.2, I was going to recommend using the Flatpak version but I don’t think that will work on a Raspberry Pi as you’ll need an ARM build. Last time I tried Sonic Pi on Raspbian was broken for the Raspberry Pi so that old version might actually be your best bet at getting a working version.

You can download binary .deb files for Sonic Pi 4.3 from here scroll to find two versions one for 32bit raspberrypi OS and one for 64bit raspberrypi OS. Version 4.4 is due to be released very shortly. Unfortunately (at least initially) this will only be available for 64bit raspberry pi OS because there is one element of the software that is not available in a 32bit version.
When you have downloaded the .deb file I sugest you first uninstall 3.2.2 then you can open a terminal in your download window and first bring your OS up to date using
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade

before installing using
sudo apt install ./<name of the debfile> which will be sonic-pi_4.3.0_1_bullseye.arm64.deb or sonic-pi_4.3.0_1_bullseye.armhf.deb