Upgrading to Sonic Pi 4.3.0


Currently running Sonic Pi 3.2.2 on my Raspberry 4 running the legacy Buster version of rasberian OS. Do I need to update to the latest rasberian OS bullseye before going to Sonic Pi 4.3.0.

Also are all my scripts going to run in the newer version of Sonic Pi.

thanks in advance for any advice.

Yes you do need to update your OS version in order to use 4.3 on a Pi.
As far as existing scripts go there have been a few breaking changes since 3.2 but they are usually solvable with minor changes. You can look at the Changelog file on the sonic pi GitHub site to see these.
Edit. 3.2.2 is still the default install on the latest OS. You have to download 4.3.0 from sonic-pi.net

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Thanks very much for the clarification.

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Thanks I did download, it’s installed and working. Appreciate the assistance.

Great. Enjoy using it!