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Hi, I just downloaded the latest version of Sonic-Pi for 64b Bullseye Raspi. The warning I get is : “this type of file may damage your computer”. I did not abort and the 4.2 version was installed OK. But why does the warning come up?

Your browser is just giving you a warning that a .deb file is potentially a file that could cause harm as its purpose is to install files on your system. It is NOT saying that it WILL cause harm. You use your judgement as to the source of the file, in this case, and act accordingly. If a .deb file is part of the official distribution source for a given linux system then you will normally download and install it with the associated package manager software from that official distribution and no warning will be issued, as indeed would be the case if you downloaded it from a terminal using
The current build from source mechanism for sonic pi 4.3 does not readily lend it self to being built as a standard official deb file which could be accepted into the Debian repository without a lot of work.
Similar warnings will be given on a Mac for example if you download and run an application which has not been signed as from a recognised developer or notarised. It will not let you run it without acknowledging that it is from an unknown developer and that it may cause harm. @samaaron is an official Apple Developer and the Mac version available on is both signed and notarised. Similarly for the Windows version.

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It is still such a shame that the SPI version on the
" reccomended software " menu doesn’t work …

Hmm version 3.2.2 works OK on my Pi4 installed from the Raspberry Pi OS repository.

Also now working here on 400 …
Perhaps I wasn’t holding my mouth
right last time I tried ? …

:slightly_smiling_face: that’s great. Though 4.3 has better facilities and is more robust.

Also has …
The buttons back to a nicer size
The ’ bass_foundation ’ voice ( delightful )
( For me ( perhaps only ) ) … But …
There is a certain elegance in being able
to simply install from a menu , rather than
the .deb file … Perhaps the next RPi OS
will have a working , updated , SPi ???