Creating a MIDI interface

Hello guys, I need some orientation. Well, I am a musician and producer but I am getting involved with Tensorflow and programming languages to develop interesting projects. Now, I am trying to figure out how to program a MIDI recognizer for my Yamaha S08 because when I bought it, it was a bid from Ebay so it came without that specific OS. I have spent all these years seeking and researching on the web that specific software but that model was one of the first synthesizers Yamaha launched, early’s 2000’s it might be. Well, if someone wants to collaborate or help me with this. Support is never expected but always appreciated. Thanks a lot! I love being part of this community. Or should I post this discussion on Github? Have a great day everybody.

Hi @psicoder85 and welcome to the forum.
It’s not quite clear to me what you are referring to but here goes.
If you look in the Midi Implementation chart for the S08, you will see device ID and Manufacturer ID’s. Apologies if you already have this info.

There is a post, here, that discusses setting up SPi with external synths. Not sure if you’ve seen this but might be useful in getting closer to achieving your aims.


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