Midi 2.0 Announcement. Thoughts?

So, they don’t have much information, and a lot of it is speculation on what the actual features will be, but the fact that it is being designed and worked on is super exciting to me.

I thought this would be the perfect community to talk about it with! :slight_smile:

Given that they haven’t even agreed what will be in it, or written the Specification for it yet,
it seems a bit early to start speculating…

Ultimately Midi 2 wont be what musicians want. It will be what manufacturers can cram onto the least
number of chips, and sell for the most bucks.

I’ll grant you, Midi 1 is getting long in the tooth… but then, it does what it says on the can. You know
its going to work, even if each manufacturer tries to add their own little bit of extra ‘fluff’ to their

Until a basic spec is out, and the various Midi standards groups actually let some preliminary hardware
out to a group of musicians to thrash around, and get some feedback into whats good/bad/indifferent,
Midi 2 is just a concept looking for a reason to exist.


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What I’m hoping for is:

  • Better resolution than 7 bits
  • Bi-directional comms (so MIDI input/output devices can be seen as one device rather than two separate ones)
  • Device querying - so you can ask a device what it supports programatically (ideally with control names, not just integers).

I think all these things are planned, so fingers crossed!