How to report back on 3.3 beta?

@samaaron thank you for the 3.3 beta links - how do you like us to tell you about what we find?

Here is good for general feedback. If you have specific bugs, they’re best reported and discussed on GitHub issues.

How are you finding it?

Just installed and run this minute - that went fine although I think you’ve got the Windows/Mac links the wrong way round in the email - but I wasn’t fooled (for long) ha ha :smile:

Thing is the new midi system - I’m running SPi at the same time as VCV Rack and they both try to grab the midi hardware. In 3.2.2, if you disabled midi input then it didn’t try - so no problem. But 3.3 now still grabs the input.

SPi is better behaved, in that if Rack has got the midi first then it doesn’t fall over. Rack does fail though - so now I can still run the two but have to be careful about the start up order. Which is OK at home, but a problem playing out where you have to be quick.

That said - not playing out for bit now :frowning_face:

If it’s easy to have the midi checkbox work in the old mode that’d be great. Otherwise if there’s some hack I can put in that’d be fine too - I don’t suppose it’s a common use case.

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Super useful feedback, thanks.

I’ll look into restoring the old behaviour. Even if I don’t manage it, having optional connectivity to midi ports is on the todo list so hopefully it will work in a way that’s immediately useful for you soon :slight_smile:

Other than this auto-connecting behaviour, does the Midi work as well as before for you?

Thanks, optional connectivity - you mean choose which inputs are connected? That would be the best, so I could have two midi devices on the same PC, one for Spi, other for Rack.

Yes, otherwise all good so far, I’ll use this version from now and let you know. I love the new kalimba. And the error arrow points at the right line now!


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Hi @samaaron do you have any thoughts/update on the ‘Optional Midi Ports’ idea? If it’s still on the agenda then I can aim to have one fewer PC in my live setup, which would be helpful. If not, it’s not a showstopper but I want to plan. Thanks!

Basically I just want to exclude a midi keyboard from being grabbed by SPi.

Having it in the GUI would be fantastic, but in a config file (or SPi code?) would also be fine. I’m assuming putting options in the GUI is more of a pain.

Hi @soxsa - unfortunately our midi system relies heavily on volunteer work from a core contributor who is struggling to find time to work on things due to work commitments.

We are therefore currently unable to make a working release due to some unsolved bugs on Linux and haven’t even started to tackle any extra features such as optional connectivity.

It’s still on the radar, but unfortunately this is the reality of open source software development that isn’t under the direct financial umbrella of a well-funded organisation.

Understood. And thanks for what you are doing.