Musical Output from the New Setup

Here is some output from the new setup I’ve been banging on about.

  • SPi as the brain, drumkit, one melody voice, and sending OSC out to the remote devices
  • A newly-fixed Rpi running SPi as OSC->Midi converter running a Helm synth
  • A Windows PC running SPi as OSC->Midi converter running a three-voice VCV Rack patch. One voice per midi channel
  • All played ‘as live’, live coding, turning the synths up and down etc. Audio straight out of the mixer as one track.

May not be your cup of tea, not certain it’s mine. But it lives, and definitely does the loopy arpeggio thing

Thank you @robin.newman for getting Helm working, that was worth it . Next job, add in a Volca…


are you always so prolific @soxsa ? :slight_smile: Well done !

Ha ha :smiley: I appreciate I’m a bit ‘dog with a bone’ at the minute. It’ll settle down.

Seriously though, life is short as proved this year, and I’ve got a lot of ground to make up.

@soxsa Sounds great. I approve of using RPI and OSC to control things. I’ve done this a lot with various projects and it is powerful. With respect to vcv rack software did you find it fairly easy to get going on a Pi4? I must admit I’ve never looked at this but it should be fun. At present I’m tied up testing the new Pi OS and the impact of pulse-audio on SonicPi. There are various solutions which I’ll be commenting on shortly.

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Thank you. That take is a bit frenetic for me, but it’s the tools/technique for live playing I’m interested in at this point.

In this case I’m running VCV Rack conventionally on a Windows PC - an old one. Removing the control modules from Rack and putting the control into SPi is not only more flexible but also reduces the load.

There is an unofficial build of Rack for the RPi, which installed for me without trouble, but you can’t have many modules before it starts to max out. I think it’s the graphics demands rather than DSP (but I don’t know). In contrast, Helm runs really nicely in the RPi.

Interested in any examples you might want to share, ancient or modern. If I’d have worked out using SPi as a translator earlier I’d have saved myself a lot of time. I expect there’s other good ideas out there. This week has been particularly fruitful for picking up on other people’s ideas.