Midi 2.0 concern

Could be a silly question, Does anybody have hear about MID 2.0? Could that implementation affect Sonic_Pi?
Maybe I´m out of date but, somebody (FB) was talking about the wonders of this new Midi standard and, I hope the Sonic-Pi masters could figure it out some way to cope with that thing.

Hi @manu55,

there is a short thread about Midi 2.0 (which is from 2019). You might have already seen it; otherwise this seems to be what has been discussed here so far…

Thank You Martin,
I´ve read this article, recently, that was my concern about the standardization of MIDI 2.0.
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Hi Manu,

From comments in other threads I beleive Sam has recently put a lot of time into re-writing
SP’s Midi, the result will be passed on to us in the next release.

I’m sure Sam is aware of Midi 2.0, but having read a few articles myself, it appears
they have only released specs and guidelines to manufacturers so far ?

Once more hardware using Midi 2.0 comes onto the market, and people start writing code
for it, releasing libraries, etc, perhaps then it will be incorporated into SP?

Personal Opinion: I never buy bleeding-edge technology. I let it mature to the point I
am confident I am getting a working product with (most of) the major bugs removed.

So whilst the capabilities of Midi 2.0 look very exciting, I’d rather SP stuck with 1.0 until
we are sure that 2.0 has greater acceptance and experience.




Thank You Eli,