Untztrument Midi Device


now the fun begins. I bought, soldered and assembled an Adafruit Untztrument. Once finished, it more or less works plug-and-play-like with Linux/Sonic Pi. The examples available available contain a simple midi pad and a nice step sequencer (first thing to study for me):


Opens up a whole lot of new options but requires some programming. Does anyone have experience and can point me into the right direction for good tutorials concerning Arduino/Midi programming (first thing to do: find out how to program toggle buttons and something like a control button to switch one row into function buttons)?

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I didn’t find something interresting but some people recommend this Udemy course.

You can easily find a free version if you can’t afford it or just wan’t to try it but it’s not so legal.

Do you use a serial to midi program like ttymidi on linux ?

Hi @zbdm,

actually I found a lot of stuff (which is no wonder). I hoped that there was something which fits what I want … but as with all new things: I will have to work my way from bottom up. I am trying to understand the Adafruit examples and a nifty implementation of a sequencer. Basically this conaints all I need but it is pretty advanced stuff for me. Once I have at least partially understood this stuff to change things without breaking it I can start implementing my own ideas (first is to control my LiveLooper with the grid).

I honestly don’t know what I currently use. I have just tried out the mentioned examples and they do work. So you see, I am an absolute beginner :wink: .

(A few hours Later: I use midiusb. I guess that’s not the serial way, right?)

You have a leonardo Arduino inside your Adafruit Untztrument so you don’t need a serial to midi program, my mistake.

I use a arduino Uno with SP but in the other way, SP send him MIDI notes and I use the arduino output to trigger stuff, but I’m a absolute beginner too.
I’m curious to see what you will do.

Yes, that’s true. MidiUSB is included. I meanwhile made some progress but it’ll take some time to come with something worthwhile to share… Anyway, I am quite excited about the possibilities!

PS.: Let’s stay in touch about that. Maybe we an help each other - if you find this a good idea.