Classical Music Questtion for newbie

Hi, I’m newbie to this Sonic Pi stuff and I’m really into classical music pieces, do anyone have any suggestion or anything recommendation please. About some technics how to perform your code, especially in classical piece. Thank you, and I will post my improvement thought time.

Hi matey,

Your in luck, there’s a chap called @robin.newman who has done a lot of
investigation into transferring classical music into SP. As a first suggestion,
you should do a forum search on his posts, I’m sure you will pick up a lot.


Further to Eli’s comment, a lot of my Classical stuff for Sonic Pi is available via SoundCloud. Many of the pieces include links (in the accompanying description) for the associated code to my gist site from where it can be downloaded.
I have several soundcloud sites as some are full up:
search for rbnman, scrbn, scrbnmac, sc3rbnman, rbnsonicpi on the soundcloud site.