Call Out for Spotify Music Submission!

I am looking for other Sonic Pi musicians who have released their coded music on Spotify.

I would like to create a playlist on the Spotify platform featuring only music which has been created with Sonic Pi. I think this will build interest in Sonic Pi not to mention give the artists involved a great opportunity for free publicity.

Just reach out to me here and link to your Sonic Pi Spotify projects.


Hiya Draggy,

Not sure why exactly, I seem to prefer Soundcloud to Spotify… perhaps I think/feel
Spotify is for commercial artists? Not sure I’d make anything off being on there, so I
dont use it? …



Yeah I’m wanting to encourage artists to go commercial and break on to the Spotify scene specifically. I figure Spotify is going to be massive as it already is big in western countries and is now being pushed hard in ad campaigns here and across the rest of Asia. Seems like its the first streaming service to have enough resources to do so.

If you or anyone else wants to put together a soundcloud playlist or playlist elsewhere I think that would be great too!

I agree with Eli that SoundCloud seems to be the place for Sonic Pi stuff. If you search for “Sonic Pi” or “sonicpi” you get masses of hits there. I myself have well over 100 Sonic Pi pieces on the accounts rbnman, scrbn and scrbnmac.

I know what you mean. There is plenty of great stuff there. I just want to show off our work collectively on a more commercial stage rather, to show that Sonic Pi is capable of producing some big players in the music industry.