Can send OSC, cannot receive it

it’s likely I’ve missed something simple, although according to my extensive searches (both here and elsewhere) it seems I haven’t - I can send OSC out, but am receiving nothing from PD. The self-test code from Robin works fine, but mine doesn’t. Apologies in advance if this belongs on the PD forum. Please help if you can


Have you selected “Allow incoming OSC” in the preferences (“IO” tab)?

I have done that yes

Hi there,

does the “Networked OSC” section of your IO tab say “Incoming OSC port: 4560”?

Hi Sam, yes correct, IO tab shows 4560. I found a send/receive tester by Robin and it works fine. I suspect the issue may lie with the [netsend] object in PD, it can run in either TCP or UDP mode, and I have given it the UDP argument, so I’ll go and bother the good folks over on the PD forum.

On reflection, I’m not sure I can say exactly why I want to send stuff from PD back to Sonic Pi. Artistically or technically. So this issue is certainly not a priority.


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Sorted. I needed to use the PD object [oscformat], and flag the [netsend] object with -u and -b, for UDP in binary format. So yeah, wrong forum everyone, my bad :smiley:


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