Osc_send to devices on Windows 7 not working

Trying to run this code to reset sliders and toggle buttons on my device using touchosc between runs of sonic pi.

The code

use_osc "",9000 
osc "/test/fader1",0
#optional reset on/off toggle to off
osc "/test/toggle1",0
sleep 0.2 #allow it to happen 

I get a message in the log on sonic pi telling me it sent the information but my device never receives it. Has anyone else had issues with this that is also running windows 7?
Anyone know any workarounds?

  • where the ip is the ip of the device and the port is the incoming port of device

Yes, sorry this is something we’ve already observed but have yet to resolve. It only seems to affect Windows users.

I hope to have this fixed by the time of the next release. Until then, please accept my apologies.

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is this eventually also my problem?


the problem is known and an issue is opened on github.

Hi Robin,

funny, I wasn’t aware that Windows 3.1 is still around (just joking) :wink: .

Ok, so do you think my issue on Github is a dublicate? I saw #1812 but I assumed that this is Windows specific.