Sending osc not working

Hi, I cannot get sending OSC (from sonic pi) working.
Receiving works fine.
I’m trying this:

osc_send “localhost”, 47120, “/helloWorld”

“Log” says

=> Starting run 14
{run: 14, time: 0.0}
└─ OSC -> localhost, 47120, /helloWorld, []
=> Completed run 14
=> All runs completed
=> Pausing SuperCollider Audio Server
=> Stopping all runs…

But there is nothing in “Cues”.

I tested the receiving part with another app and its working.
Also tried sending to sonic pi (nothing logged or received), tried restart everything, disable/enable IO options etc.

I’m on Debian

Any advice what to check?

Thanks a lot.

Hi there,

did you build Sonic Pi yourself? If so, did you also build the Erlang scheduler?

Also, for the record, there won’t be anything in “Cues” when you’re sending out OSC messages, that’s just for displaying OSC/MIDI events that are received (in additional to events generated internally).

Hi and thanks for your reply.
I did build it some time ago, now I updated to current master and did run “make” only. (don’t remember exactly how did I build it before).
How to build the Erlang scheduler or where to check it? Just point me in a right direction and I will try :slight_smile:

found it. This fixed it:

$ cd app/server/erlang/
$ erlc osc.erl
$ erlc pi_server.erl

Thanks a lot!!!

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Wonderful! Unfortunately I had gone to bed before I saw your question, so great that you managed to solve it yourself.

Whilst we’re on the subject of building on Linux, if you want to use the MIDI functionality you’ll also need to build o2m and m2o which shunt MIDI data to OSC back and forth :slight_smile: