OSC cues not being received

I am trying to send cues from a Python script on the same machine but Sonic Pi is not receiving anything at all.
I have tried the example code in ‘Help’ as well as my own code. Allow incoming OSC is enabled and port number etc is correct.
I’m completely out of ideas and hoping someone can help me to get this working.
I’m using Sonic Pi v3.3.1 from the website and Raspberry Pi 3 with the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS. Clean install with only mouse/keyboard and some GPIO pins being used, if it makes a difference.


Without any code, it’s hard to guess what can be your problem.
So please give us your python script and your sonicpi .rb file.
And maybe we will try to help you :slight_smile:

Someone else reported a similar problem. You may find that a newer version of SP3.3.1 which I have built using the new OS may work for you. You can download it from

from a terminal remove the existing SP install with sudo apt purge sonic-pi, then you can install the new one by double clicking the icon of the downloaded file and entering your pi user password when prompted.
Let me know if it works.

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Fantastic. This works perfectly. Thanks, Robin!

Great. Glad its working.