Brighton Modular Meet Sunday 1st July

Hi All

If anyone is at a loose end in the South of England on Sunday, Caitlin and I will be taking the Mad Music Machine and a couple of Raspberry Pi’s along to the Brighton Modular Meet.

We are planning on doing a demo generating wavetables from our recent Astro Pi experiment (our code was recently chosen to run on the International Space Station). We will be using Sonic Pi to clock and sequence our modular equipment.

It’s still my dream to see a Eurorack module powered by Sonic Pi one day :slight_smile:

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We had fantastic day yesterday and introduced a few people to Sonic Pi.

Here’s is a link to Caitlin’s Live Performance using the Mad Music Machine - she is using Sonic Pi to sequence her Eurorack Modules.

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hey this sounds really cool :slight_smile: I’m a totally blind modular and sonic pi user please can you tell me what your hardware setup is and please can you tell me how you go about sequencing the modular with sonic pi? thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve known people use a module that accepts MIDI and converts it to CV. You would just then need to use Sonic Pi’s MIDI out functionality :slight_smile: