An idea on whether a marketplace with sonic-pi would be interesting

1. feature name

marketplace in sonic-pi

2. feature description

I have several songs that I create with sonic-pi and I would like to share them on a website, so other musicians can adapt - where can i post my music codes? do you guys have any repository to post the source code of the music created in sonic-pi?

3. goal

my intention is to provide my music codes under the following licenses: Mit, GPL, Unlicensed, creativecommons

4. why is this interesting?

  1. for example, if we had a music repository we could better manage the rights of our music for any case
  2. for example I can allow a certain track of music to be gpl licensed or mit or Unlicensed or creativecommons …
  3. this can create an interesting, valid copyright market
  4. this can generate what many call NFTs (Non-fungible token) - if i have the source code of the song, i can generate an authenticated digital certificate to validate that song
  5. of course you could sell sheet music too, but remixed music would be hard to manage with sheet music - in addition, there is a problem many people may not know sheet music and it would be easier to just know a logical language of music - maybe I’m wrong in this idea, but that’s what I think now
  6. if we have a music repository, we can create a network of contacts with those who make music, such as music producers, youtube channels that need a music track, movie industries that need a soundtrack, private parties that like music remixed or electronic
  7. another interesting thing, we can get in touch with artists who want to record our tracks
  8. in addition we can create custom plugins in this repository to be purchased and validated

5. solution

we can use a gogs instance with deploy key - whoever wants to use our songs or plugins, after making the payment, receives this key to access deploy key.

5. short solution

  1. we can create a category called marketplace, where people can post the plugins they want to develop on sonic-pi - if possible
  2. we can in this category disclose services or channels that use sonic-pi for something paid


1. gogs

gogs instance - gogs is a painless self-hosted Git service

2. deploy key

A deploy key is an SSH key that is stored on your server and grants access to a single gogs repository.