Callum Pi Youtube Channel notice and Introduction

Hi there! I have started a new YouTube channel called Callum Pi. I’m also new here so I thought I’d say Hi. I would also like to know how copyright works around Sonic Pi (I’m only doing the channel to show people my creations, I don’t expect it to grow big). Also just so you know I wont be very active. Thanks


Hi @CallumPi,

great initiative! It’s always great to see people sharing their live coding adventures with others.

With respect to copyright - there are no issues whatsoever. Sonic Pi is totally free and open source as an app and any music you create with it is yours. All the samples are CC0 licensed which also means that they are completely free for you to use as you wish without having to worry about any legal issues.

Have fun and please do continue to share your journey with u here :slight_smile:

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Hi @CallumPi
Good luck with your streaming journey!

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Thank you both @444B and @samaaron !

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