Zoundart :: Ambient Live coding - When the sun breaks through

I just wanted to share my latest creation - “When the sun breaks through”


Very nice!
If you are willing, I’d love to have a look at the source code :slight_smile:

You could but I am afraid it would not be very useful. The Sonic Pi code is only a part of a larger framework I have setup with Sonic Pi, Ableton Live and Max Msp. Looking at the Sonic Pi code in isolation would be out of context and not very helpful. Hope you enjoyed the music :slight_smile:

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How about a little challenge then: a run down of the complete setup? :wink: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It crossed my mind when you asked and I might do a full run down at some stage. I will let you know if I do :slight_smile:

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