Wish I could run SP on an ipad

Yes, I know. But a person can wish, can’t they? With so much of our instruction moving online, and the limitation of my students only having ipads, I’m scrambling to find a way to keep SP as part of my curriculum. So I’m officially putting this out as a feature request.

And it may be heresy to ask here, but is there something else like SP that is available on the ipad? Not counting GarageBand, of course. I teach middle school, so I’m taking a look at p5js, which MIGHT be accessible for my students.

Hi, unfortunately I don’t believe SuperCollider, the underlying synth engine currently runs on iOS. Also, the GUI woudl have to be totally overhauled for a touch interface. Of course, that’s not including all the major work to port and compile the build process and infrastructure.

Suffice to say, if we don’t currently have the resources to properly support linux or Raspberry Pi (although there is definitely amazing volunteer support in both of these areas) we can’t support another platform at this point.

If you have 500k then I’m sure I could hire a team to tackle this though :wink:

I’ll look in the couch cushions … :wink:

No, I figured it wouldn’t be possible. I appreciate all you and the team do! Just selfishly trying to find some way I can offer it in my own curriculum!

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It looks like there is a SuperCollider engine fork for iOS, although I haven’t tried to build it yet.

Perhaps if iPad OS and OS X continue to evolve towards each other it might not be that big of a jump in the future.

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I’m not in that ecosystem, but let’s hope!