Version 4 macos support

Will final Sonic Pi v4 still support macOS 10.13.6? Current beta does not.

Hi there, sadly not, sorry. V4 will only be supported on macOS 10.15+. Apple themselves do not support older versions of macOS than 10.15.

Unfortunately we have extremely limited resources and continuing to support old versions of operating systems isn’t something we’re capable of.

Older versions of Sonic Pi that do run on these older macOS releases are still available to download.

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Apologies, I got the version number wrong. It will be supported on 10.14, but subsequent releases are likely to be for 10.15+ only as 10.14 reaches its end of support life at the end of this month.

However, just to be clear, 10.13 is definitely not supported any more.

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Thanks, makes sense. I am willing to install a different OS (e.g. Linux) in a couple of old Mac Book Airs (2012 and 2015) so I can run the latest Sonic Pi in them.

If that’s possible. Is there a pointer to anyone already doing that?

I’m also considering any alternatives so installing a new OS, for example running Qemu with an emulated Raspberry Pi.

It’s worth pointing out that Linux in general is unsupported as there are too many distributions and the surface area is too large to cover and test at this stage.

However, @robin.newman does have some Ubuntu-based debs available to download if you choose that distro and also it’s getting much easier than ever to compile everything yourself.

Also, if you’re feeling adventurous it should also be possible to compile the latest release of Sonic Pi for your version of macOS.

Good luck and do let us know how it goes.

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Thanks again. For now I will be using an old Bootcamp partition with Windows 8.1 in the 2015 Mac Book Air, where Sonic Pi 4 beta seems to be running fine.

When that setup fails I will probably consider the Debian Bullseye build route.

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