Sonic Pi v4.0.2 now available for macOS, Windows and Raspberry Pi OS

Version 4.0.2 ‘Relink’

15th July 2022

Hot on the heals of v4.0.1 here’s another bugfix release addressing an issue with the translations.

During the last year there has been significant upheaval of the process used to build Sonic Pi. Somehow, during this upheaval, the translations never got added into the final release builds, despite being part of the dev builds. This has been true since v4.0 BETA 1 back in August 2021 - yet it somehow went unnoticed until now. Apologies! This release fixes this and re-introduces the translations which are so important for lowering the barrier to entry across the world.

As a bonus, a couple of nice improvements also managed to sneak in for good measure. Have fun!


  • All the translations are now available again - including the vast amount of new translation effort since v3.3.1 was released.
  • Loading a file no longer erases the undo history. This means that you can now “undo” a file load in the current buffer and return it to the state prior to the load.
  • The BPM-scrubbing behaviour (clicking your mouse and dragging to change the BPM) has been tweaked to make it easier to use.
  • Improvements for the Portuguese translation.


macOS (10.15 Catalina+)
Link Sonic-Pi-for-Mac-x64-v4-0-2.dmg
Size 129M
MD5 54663be97cf61ba2aff9b31622f10c01
SHA256 2b20d5855b41a5a9e56aec1a268d6466f5f392ae5a08f6cf63c8151d9c85b7ab
Windows 10/11 x64
Link Sonic-Pi-for-Win-x64-v4-0-2.msi
Size 202M
MD5 3193813eb0486c775b0815a03d0b8253
SHA256 b1b5e02d3de08c06cc1017231d89345a144fdb2048ee2cf38d78ca2af55d46fc
Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit
Link sonic-pi_4.0.2_1_bullseye.arm64.deb
Size 92M
MD5 62214df0168e391a5dc464db03922c60
SHA256 37ddd51b9b066c5c531dd137b85b2902915875ac9de189459cd3aca6e52bea30
Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit
Link sonic-pi_4.0.2_1_bullseye.armhf.deb
Size 88M
MD5 d908c99a6c921dfc49862d5d0268b7f6
SHA256 48f992aa59cc162b928ea468005a34edd04f2c8d5ced28f6a2410ca437072650