Sonic Pi v3.3.1 is released

This is compatibility release addressing two issues with macOS Big Sur:

  1. Correct language translations now used based on user’s current locale
  2. The language server is no longer killed by macOS Gatekeeper when a sample’s onset times are queried.

This release also includes minor translation updates.


macOS x64 (10.13+)
Link Sonic-Pi-for-Mac-x64-v3-3-1.dmg
Size 120M
MD5 cf7990a629321ac1e5f935ffc741f7db
SHA256 0bfd12f930311e8ef1c7306dc9c012cfcc1f8e50710fd26a8c18ba003573a506
Windows 10 x64
Link Sonic-Pi-for-Win-x64-v3.3.1.msi
Size 167M
MD5 e8392ef976891ab9513feb23e1152b57
SHA256 b9ee2605333b01feb6ce973e5918f04f489de83b971a46890e1313eae7c04b79
Raspberry Pi OS (2021-01-11+)
Link sonic-pi_3.3.1_1_armhf.deb
Size 67M
MD5 0b5c00cc092a8f3c6b2584caf2554937
SHA256 f6cc382cea61467d04ce7fe186deba7d352f64b0a7b4d9ccc8f74b2774d9dfe5

Thanks for the updates. I’ve now installed 3.3.1 on both my Windows notebooks and my M1 MacBook Pro. I did notice an anomaly. The OSC listening port is now 51241 on the M1. Is this a bug or a new undocumented change? It does work if I change the sender code to the new port. The listening port is still 4560 on Windows.

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 10.40.35 PM

Hi @Peachy,

It is not a bug. The idea is that by default the server will be configured to listen to port 4560, but if this port is not available for some reason, it will be assigned the next available port. See here for the relevant code change:

Agreed. I restarted the computer and now it is listening on 4560. I suspect that MacOS was still using port 4560 from an earlier process from 3.3, even though I closed 3.3 and removed it before installing 3.3.1. All good. Nothing to see here.

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I am impressed. I removed 3.1 from my Raspberry Pi 400 and installed the new 3.3.1 deb and everything works! Bluetooth speakers, USB headset, HDMI.


@Peachy - that’s excellent news. Thanks so much for letting us know. Happy live coding!