Using SonicPi API

I am attempting to use the Sonic Pi API for a project of my own, but including it in my own C++ project has proven challenging.

When attempting to include the sonicpi_api.h, I get quite a few compilation errors from the osc_pkt.hh file and kissnet.hpp. I don’t know why this is not a problem in building actual Sonic Pi, but it causes me to not be able to compile my own code as it includes sonicpi_api.h, which includes these files. In osc_pkt.hh, I get warnings that “strcpy” is deprecated, and not to use it. I could ignore this warning but feel like it is unwise. More troubling is the external library file kissnet.hpp has similar deprecation warnings. If I do set the compiler to ignore these warnings, I get a linking error instead, which I suspect is related.