Touchbar macbook Switch buffer shortcut. edit: EMACS

on a Touchbar macbook, how can I Switch buffer via a shortcut?. Apparently a 4 key stroke does not work (shift-alt-command-9). thank you.

I have tried a lot of the EMACS shortcuts, and they don’t seem to work on my Touchbar macbook…?

Hi @piraten,

When you say you have tried a lot of the Emacs shortcuts, have you tried the shortcuts as described in the tutorial? See for example.

Hi ethancrawford

Yes, I have been through that list. Some of the commands work, others don’t. Like these:

M-/ Comment/Uncomment current line or selection
C-t Transpose/swap characters
M-{ Switch buffer to the left
M-} Switch buffer to the right

aah. excuse me. the good old `input source´ language selection.

Ah! Great to hear you got it sorted. :+1: