Some shortcuts don't work (French keyboard/MacOS)


I’m on Mac OS (in French) with a French Apple Keyboard and some shortcuts don’t work.
Here are some:

  • C-a (work in help, but not in the editor)
  • S-M-0 and others
  • M-/

Some are not possible

  • M-{ ({ is not on a French keyboard, we need to do option + 5)
  • M-} ({ is not on a French keyboard, we need to do option + °)

Did I miss something?

yes to buy a pc on windows or Linux :slight_smile: >>> ok je sors

On MacOS, I can’t do the keyboard shortcuts to directly change to buffers 3, 4, 5, and 6 because shift-cmd-N are all related to taking screenshots on the Mac for those four. I shift-cmd-4 quite a lot for screenshotting. I wonder if a different set of ten shortcuts can be created for directly shift buffers, like maybe ctrl-shift-N, thought those still aren’t one-handable.

Customisable shortcut mapping is on the wishlist, so it will get there eventually :slightly_smiling_face:


Wha’s Sonic Pi’s bundle identifier? I think I can use that to make per app keyboard customizations.

No idea what that means sorry :grimacing: maybe someone else like @samaaron might know…

Yeah, that’s an Apple thing. I’ve now got, so I’ll try that.

ADDED: I just got the remap from cmd-shift-N to ctrl-shift-N working using Karabiner-Elements.

ADDED 2: Oh, wait, it still won’t work. I use a different key combo to send Sonic Pi cmd-shift-3, but it’s still intercepted by the OS for a screenshot. Please keep customizable shortcut mapping on the wishlist.

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