BetterTouchTool and Sonic Pi (Mac users only)

I didn’t find anything in here about BetterTouchTool, a really great little utility app for Macs. It leverages the Accessibility features, allows extensive custom key mapping, multi-finger touch pad shortcuts, support for many external input devices and tons more.

You can make sets of application specific commands, and configurations can be exported/shared. I’m looking forward to seeing how well it can work with SPi.

Does anyone else here use it, have you tried it with Sonic Pi? I would love to see what it can do in here.

I use BetterTouchTool. It’s essential for wringing basic functionality out of a touchbar Mac, and I have two of them. BTT does work well, and development isn’t all that difficult, so I guess I can imagine convenient uses with SPI. As a touch typist, though, I strongly prefer keyboard control (namely Emacs) over as much functionality as possible, and SPI has a lot of that built-in. Same with my Mac, which I’ve customized with Karabiner to do almost everything I need without leaving the home row. Anymore, I only ever use BTT to move windows out of the way without having to resort to the touchpad or mouse (ergonomic disaster there).

I take it you know Apple’s ditching the touchbar, and it’s a good riddance. In the end (as a touch typist) the best I could do with the touchbar was get my laptop very close to the functionality it would have without a touchbar. I’ll be trading in both my Macbook Pro 16" laptops as soon as Apple silicon versions are available later this year.

That’s interesting, I personally like setup BTT to allow for one-handed-trackpad gestures as opposed to window management. I think I’m something like a 95% proficient touch typist, oh, and my mac is pre-touchbar. Thanks for the Karabiner referral, I’d never heard of that. Very interested in givng it a go. The only difficulty with utilities like these are in the remembering of what you setup, or at least it’s that way for me. :smile:

yeah. I have over 80 2-key combinations that I use all the time to control my Mac. It was painful at first, but I new that slowly but surely muscle memory would be rewarded, plus I’m the one who selected the combos. There’s no muscle memory with a mouse and trackpad, which require attention to hand-eye coordination every time, so are too cognitively taxing.

I’ve been considering making a simple touchbar preset for SP.